A higher content rating makes life easier for your brand

25 October 2018 0

Want to improve the number of views on your content? Make it easier for Operators, DMCs and Agents to choose, use and sell your products in…

An attractive rating makes you an attractive choice

4 September 2018 0

It’s not always possible for operators selling your destination to send their staff on site inspections or educationals everywhere.. How do you compete for their…

Give your product the content rating it deserves 3

24 July 2018 0

Get your content rating popping and make the most of the new rating system!🍿Operators looking for suppliers in your area get a better impression of…

Getting the most out of your new Supplier content rating 2

10 July 2018 0

The higher your content rating, the more favourable you are to operators looking for products in your area. Represent your brand with the right content…

Get ready to optimise your new Supplier content rating 1

26 June 2018 0

The new Supplier Content Rating system enables you to represent your brand more accurately according to the category that better suits your content type. Today’s…

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