The new Supplier Content Rating system enables you to represent your brand more accurately according to the category that better suits your content type. Today’s tip is for 2 of those categories; if you’re not sure which your product(s) fall under, check with Follow this guide and get ready to maximise your rating:

Ideal content for category 1⃣Apartment, Apartment/Villa, Self-CateringBackpacker, Villa, Campsite, Caravan Park, or Rest Camp breaks down as: Description 5%; Images (6 images all over 2MP) 55%; Fast Facts 5%; Facilities 10%; Room/Villa/Unit Types 10%; Contact Details 10%; Getting there (Directions, Airfields, Physical Address) 5% 

Ideal content for category 2⃣Bed & Breakfast, Boutique Hotel, Country House, Hotel or Guest House breaks down as: Description 5%; Images (10 images all over 2MP) 35%; Video 5%; Fast Facts 5%; Facilities 5%; Room/Villa/Unit Types 10%; Specials 10%; Documents 10%; Contact Details 10%; Getting There (Directions, Airfields, Physical Address) 5%.

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