The travel marketplace has changed. Do your old strategies to get your brand seen and sold fit the current circumstances?

With the world searching, working, buying and selling everything online, travel included, your strategy must include effective online exposure in order to get more eyes on your brand. Bonus points if it enables the trade to sell your products (and more of it). Pretty pics in printed catalogues won’t cut any more mustard your brand needs to make its mark on a broader market already operating in the digital space.

As part of your big business reboot, we invite you to gain more visibility and better access for your product content, by keeping it safe and centralised in Wetu where the global trade is looking for it.

The problem with change

You can’t assume that your old clients will return to you (if they’re still in business). The entire trade is under the same pressure to adapt. Everyone is re-evaluating everything, from markets to supply chains. Your brand has to fight for attention all over again, in new markets too. The way things are now, operating in silos helps nobody – the pandemic has taught us to collaborate with trade partners in order to survive and thrive together. That means making your brand accessible to prospective partners, old and new.

Enter the digitalisation of work and commerce: connectivity and interconnectivity among businesses followed, and the old manual way of things became history. Even if this has previously been a weakness in your business model, you have a chance now to turn it into opportunity. How long have you managed your product content in analogue mode? What used to work before probably will never again be competitive enough.

Change is only hard when you don’t have a solution, but you do… We recommend a smart content re-set: show the world what your brand stands for, that it’s available for collaboration, and ready to go to market.

The five traits of effective content

Consider content as the infrastructure for your brand rebuild. Everything you do trades on this enormous asset. For optimal exposure, here’s how your content can be more effective in Wetu:

  1. Visible – high quality product content that represents your brand online, consistently wherever it is displayed, across time zones, 24/7
  2. Accessible – a safe, centralised access point for your product and booking information, imagery and documentation, that’s easy to find and view
  3. Shareable – ability to show off your products on websites and social media, or on any digital platform, in a format that’s easy to repurpose in parts or in its entirety
  4. Enabling – ability to help your trade partners transform their itineraries and catalogues into effective, high-value marketing and sales collateral
  5. Aspirational – show your brand as superior to other options, standing out to prospective buyers, and effectively winning the sale

Exposed and ready for market

Getting your product content accessible and visible, shareable and sellable, are the nuts and bolts of brand exposure – now for the interactive magic that makes it market-ready. Here’s a preview of what it could look like in Wetu (and all it took was a quick copy and paste of some simple code onto this site).

Your content is your brand’s calling card – rich, abundant, multimedia imagery is the only way to go:

Want to get seen and used too? The better the quality of your product content, the better it will make your trade partners’ proposals look. Relevant messaging and imagery that fit the circumstances make your brand even more attractive to them. So, embrace the references to escapism, freedom of movement and safety, to show your brand’s compassion and empathy for the traveller.

Reclaim control of your brand

Check if your product is listed here. Are you satisfied that it represents your brand accurately? If it isn’t there, it should be. With hundreds of thousands of global trade members visiting the site monthly, that’s half the battle with brand exposure won!

Put your best foot forward and expose your brand’s charms to the trade. Choose the right plan for your brand and register now.

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