You invest so much into developing your marketing assets – how do you ensure the right people see them?

There’s no sales opportunity without exposure. But you can ensure your product doesn’t go unnoticed. Step up engagement with your Wetu tools, and get exposed worldwide, 24/7.

Distributing digital assets

Follow our ten-step rulebook for optimal reach. 

1. Depending on the social media platform, you can include links to your iBrochure and Digtal Catalogue in post captions with suitable hashtags. Encourage your staff to share your posts. On Instagram you can upload live links onto your profile bio or LinkTree.

2. Include hyperlinks to your digital assets in the body of marketing mailers, newsletters and blog articles, which recipients can forward and share further. Get your assets working for you even when you’re not by including links on your out-of-office messages. 

3. Upload your iBrochure and/or Digital Catalogue link to the email signatures of everyone on your staff. You can create an eye-catching or promotional signature banner and hyperlink it. 

4. Add iBrochure and Digital Catalogue links to your blog and website footer

5. Reach audiences you’re not currently exposed to by adding identities to your Wetu profile for your trade partners to rebrand and redistribute your assets. 

6. Share your iBrochure with Wetu users that operate in your destination to add to their Digital Catalogues. 

7. Display your assets on your website and third-party sites using the embed widget. You can also use the embed functionality in blog articles, which visitors to your site can share further. 

8. You already have global exposure to global tour operators, DMCs and travel agents building itineraries in Wetu. Ensure that those operating in your destination know you’re in Wetu. FYI: in one month in 2021, a Cape Town-based property was used in 417 Wetu itineraries, scoring 3,587 views! 

9. You already have global exposure in Content Central, including Wetu users looking for new products to sell, and non-users freely accessing the portal for information. 

10. Get your product updates and media in front of the right people using our direct file-sharing tool – watch this:


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