How do you convert enquiries from hesitant potential customers holding out for a better deal?

Present the tour they’re interested in with various accommodation and activity options, and various travel dates at different rates. You can make it easier for them to compare what’s available and decide on the best option to suit their pocket.

Everything they need in one

What could be more empowering for your target customers than having a selection of tourism products presented to them with corresponding pricing, neatly and comprehensively laid out on a personalised itinerary? Involve them in the planning process, starting with a sample itinerary of the tour you wish to propose:

  • Visit the Specials Portal via your Dashboard – if any of your preferred suppliers have uploaded specials in Wetu, they will be listed here. Search for offers in the destinations included in your proposal, valid during the required dates, and incorporate the savings into your proposal.
  • Add alternative accommodation options for each overnight stay in the Accommodation step of your Itinerary Builder. All options will display on the itinerary output. If you want to keep the client focused on the offer and avoid confusion, you can hide details of the more luxurious options available at a property.
  • List activity products that are planned and included in the itinerary price in the Planner step of your Itinerary Builder. Then suggest other activities and mark them as optional or recommended – if you’re using your Consultant Portal correctly, your commission rate for the selected, preferred activity product will display in the drop-down menu. Alternatively, take note of the cost of these activities in order to stipulate under the itinerary terms and conditions how much those extra activities would cost.
  • Upload the booking conditions for this trip in a document in the Additional Details step of your Itinerary Builder for easy access on the client itinerary.
  • Present the tour with various departure dates and rates – each option will display in the itinerary output with a unique, direct Book Now button. In the Accommodation step, click the Manage Scheduled Departures button and add the proposed travel dates, relevant terms and conditions, inclusions and exclusions, and pricing. Watch this:

Log in to your Dashboard and prepare some enticing options for your target customers.

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