Operators, DMCs and Travel Agents form an important segment of the audience you market to. They can promote your brand and re-sell your products even further afield than you already do on your own. We’ve got 9 valuable tricks to help you support them better with your content and destination knowledge, and to keep that sales channel wide open for business!

🐘 Size Matters In the 20:80 content ratio, the quality of your imagery takes priority over text. For maximum impact, to get your content popping in their itineraries, make it high resolution (>2MP), full-screen width in landscape format. Here’s how.

🍬 Short & Sweet Sells For those who read, your descriptions must be succinct, accurate and relevant. For those who don’t (and sadly, they’re in the majority), refer back to trick #1.

🎣 Activities hook the Sale! It’s no more about the place – it’s about experiences and you know best what awesome experiences await the traveller on your premises or in-destination and among your local communities.

🛋 Configure your Room Types Enabling them to provide diverse traveller types with a suitable match and viable rooming alternatives makes it easier for operators to pitch your product with confidence. Check this out.

🗯 Translate for global markets Your content in 1 language is accessible to a limited audience; at a time when travellers feel entitled to content in their languages, increasingly the trade wants to respond. Help them, help yourself! Aidez-vous

💞 Unleash your Rebrandable iBrochure As agents create their travel inspiration boards, your iBrochure could be right alongside their Digital Itineraries with their branding on it for the added value of recommending yours as a trusted brand.

🛰 Re-Market with your Digital Catalogue Take your partnership to the next level by empowering operators to promote your digital catalogue to their markets with their stamp of approval branded on it. Double exposure for all your products!

🚪 Embed to impress Your content can look as amazing on 3rd party sites as it looks on your website, with no extra work for operators needed! The content widget puts it onto their website with no mess, no fuss. Offer them this code.

🎯 Keep your Specials fresh Load them and keep them focused, plentiful and easy to access on the Specials Portal. When it’s easier to find, it’s easier to use. Operators unfamiliar with your brand can also find your special and pass it onto their clients if it’s good value.

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.

Henry Ford

Creative marketing requires a diversified content strategy into different channels. With these few content tricks up your sleeve, you can catch the attention of the trade and travellers they service. In Wetu terms, it means you proactively getting trade partners to engage with your content to benefit their sales and promote your brand. Need some help? Consult this doc.

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