Where have all the travel sales gone? We’re here to help you establish a credible online presence to compete for your share of the pent-up travel demand.

The dreamers are starved of travel, hungry for escape and something to look forward to. Their contact with travel brands has been sparse with many having closed their brick-and-mortar shops. There’s no way to predict if or when the industry might fully revert back to pre-COVID trading conditions. Online is where all the action is.

How will you respond to their need for inspiration and information, and claim your share?

Digitise like your business depends on it

Because it does! The world has seen almost two years of predominantly online consumerism. Browsing and shopping (for everything) online is considered safer and has already become the new normal. The same is true for travel. For Generation Z and their tech savvy Millennial counterparts in particular, engaging in online commerce is like breathing – indications are that they will drive the return to travel the hardest. This is your cue to digitise your travel content and leverage its commercial power in preparation for your business reboot.

Consumer behaviour may fluctuate and travel restrictions may chop and change from one destination to the next, but the travel trade is waking up to the digital imperative. You must ensure your brand is favourably positioned for real-time discovery, and accessible to loyal clients but also to a broader audience. You must compete for attention with credible and inspiring propositions wherever the dreamers are researching travel, any time of day, on whatever digital device they use.

Here’s the good news: You can ensure consistent visibility and relevance to the emerging travel demand through a strong digital brand presence and by differentiating your propositions.

5 Ways to get competitive in Wetu

1 Optimise for mobile Make your marketing and sales content discoverable online and mobile-friendly. You can produce detailed digital itineraries quickly with the online Itinerary Builder tool. The resulting rich inventory of itineraries will be mobile-responsive, shareable online, and accessible on all digital devices. Pop them into a digital catalogue or embed onto your website – digital makes light work of distribution! End-users can also view their itinerary on their Android or iOS devices during travel, even message their consultant, via the TravelKey App.

2 Aesthetic and interactive appeal Inspire the dreamers with beautiful, emotive content that captures the imagination and converts effectively. Wetu hosts visually-rich digital content for destinations, properties, activities, restaurants and attractions from across the world, including hi-res pictures, videos and virtual tours. The time you save searching for content the old way, can be used instead to create unique proposals as simply as picking the products you want and popping them into an itinerary. Viewers can choose the content they want to click on and engage with. When they’re ready to take action, a unique booking URL linked to the itinerary will enable them to enquire directly with your consultant.

3 Branding for credibility Add your logo, brand style and company info to your collateral, quickly and easily for B2C or B2B marketing. You can create one digital itinerary and repurpose it for multiple sales prospects by offering agents and trade partners the option to re-brand. It’s as easy as uploading their identities in the system to add their branding, or sharing an itinerary with agent access, enabling them to add some personalised touches.

4 Itinerary or content customisation Set your sales and marketing collateral apart from the rest by customising your presentations. You can upload your own destination images and/or activity descriptions to present your unique perspective. You can also create unique itinerary templates that reflect your brand or to personalise client proposals. Share the results among your entire team to ensure brand consistency – that’s the resource-saving power of digital!

5 Machine translations Expand your business into multiple language markets at the click of a button. You can create a proposal in the Itinerary Builder (in English by default) and select the language option for machine translation. The entire itinerary framework will automatically display in the selected language, down to the book now button – simply share the digital itinerary link and learn how to say ka-ching in different languages.

Wetu next

Old school methods and multiple tools can be a pain – they are cumbersome, inefficient and the opposite of relevant. A digital solution is the next best strategy for your business, helping you reach a larger market, set your brand apart, and compete better for a share of new travel sales.

Register now to give Wetu a go – start by building your first itinerary, and see how far it goes.

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