As with any gift, it’s so much fun to unwrap and enjoy it, but the real charm of a Wetu iBrochure lies in sharing it!

That’s the story of your product content lovingly contained in an iBrochure. We take a festive overview of its top five wins this year for travellers and the trade, and celebrate how far a little bit of digital magic goes in this competitive world of travel.

1. It’s so Pretty (¡Bonita, en serio!)

What draws the eye, attracts and holds the attention, has the power to convert interest to action. In fact, it’s so pretty, it makes them stare. That’s the journey a Wetu iBrochure takes your audience on. This year it got a face-lift with a new look and feel, standardised for consistency and easier navigation for an even better user-experience than before.

It’s got the appearance of a website with high-resolution imagery that seduces your visually-stimulated traveller from the time they step inside your iBrochure and throughout. The tactile traveller has great fun clicking through pics that interest them in your gallery or in sleek slideshow view. They can toggle among your Overview, About Us and Room type tabs, view your Map and Contact details, like following a digital content bread crumb trail… They can even do it in different languages if you translated your iBrochure content.

2. ‘Tis the Season of Giving

Content is your gift to travellers – they love brands that make life easier for them. Your iBrochure gives them a comprehensive view of your offering from one access point. There are (downloadable) photographic images, virtual tours of your premises, facilities and activities, videos of the experience you offer, details on amenities, a map with directions to your location, and important docs – in short, everything they could possibly need to know about your product(s), handed to them on a silver platter. You take the pain out of travel research and bring convenience back!

When they’re ready to book, you give them an easy call-to-action button right on your iBrochure. As for trade members looking to include your products in their proposals, do you even know how stunning your iBrochure content looks in their digital itineraries?? More and better content in the iBrochure means more tabs to toggle among, and a better-looking itinerary. Some say that those itineraries wouldn’t sell nearly as well without your content in iBrochure format, meaning selling travel is made easier for your trade partners.

3. It’s so Mobile!

As they live by the mobile, they travel by the mobile… and buy travel on their mobile devices. Not satisfied with just being beautiful, this year the iBrochure became fully mobile-responsive.🎉 Without your having to do anything more, travellers can view your awesome content wherever they are in the world, any time of day, on their smart phones, tablets or laptops.

And your image gallery, videos, etc. all look great on those devices. They can see it anywhere and take it anywhere. Forget printed brochures, outdated catalogues, rate sheets hidden in cardboard folders, or flash drives buried in drawers. To be mobile is to be accessible – that’s a gift to travellers seeking inspiration. Being accessible is being relevant and tech savvy – that’s a gift to your brand.

4. Wrap some Rates in it…

Once your fabulous pics, videos and virtual tours have done their thing and got the traveller swooning and drooling, the next important step in sealing the deal: show them the money. How much does it cost at the time they want to travel? It’s better if they know now, because that’s when they’re ready to make a decision and a purchase. Making them wait (complete enquiry form, send email, wait for response and quote) is a one-way street to no-sale-ville!

No such worries for you, because right inside your iBrochure, you can have your rates wrapped up and listed by season, with Ts&Cs attached. Take your business one step further by loading some specials for your trade partners’ eyes only, and sweeten the deal for them to promote your products. Make them visible to the public for the traveller on a DIY mission to plan and book at their own convenience.

5. It Works even when You Don’t

Take a load off this festive season and don’t worry about a thing, because your iBrochure will work for you even when you don’t. By sending that hyperlink to your content out in the world, it just keeps on going – representing your brand, marketing your products, selling your experiences. So, as you prepare to zone out and disconnect from work, as you look forward to focusing more energy on yourself, your family and friends,  the fires of interest keep burning in your absence because you’ve shared your iBrochure online, everywhere.

That way trade partners can access your content, use it in last-minute sales and build new travel products. Travellers encountering your content on social media, websites or digital catalogues, can get the info they need and make enquiries directly with your reservations team in your absence. No frustrating content searches, no need to bother you for content, no potential sales missed.

We end the year celebrating the perks of cloud-based content, showcased in a user-friendly, multi-purpose, not to mention gorgeous, iBrochure. One surprise follows another in a multitude of benefits, culminating in future-ready digital content and distribution! From trade partners selling your products to travellers buying your products, it’s festive all year round.

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