Keen to make a stronger impression before, during and after attending the next travel trade show?

The new season has sprung with hybrid events filling our trade show calendar. There are important networking opportunities in store with trade partners whom you used to do business with and new partners whom you hope to connect with. 

Apply some spit ’n polish to your brand, so that it remains front of mind among everyone you meet, so they know precisely what’s new in your business, and so they have an easy reference back to your product offering. 

Follow our three pre-show preparation tips:

1. Update

This is the time to refresh your product information, images, videos, virtual tours and documentation in Wetu. 

  • Check that your descriptions are perfectly written, including any new info and translations for new markets you plan to target. 
  • Give your iBrochure a mini-makeover by adding new images, videos and virtual tours to your listing and/or rearranging the existing ones to best effect. 
  • Indicate any staff changes by updating the personal details section of your iBrochure. 
  • Provide as much detail – including description and pictures – about new and existing activities on offer. This will help inform trade partners how your product would be a good fit for them.

2. Inform

Prior to a trade show, introduce yourself directly and privately to trade members that you plan to meet. 

  • Think of your assets in Wetu as your digital business card. WetuShare documents by email such as STO rates and general info on the experience you offer. 
  • If you’re targeting other language markets, WetuShare will enable Machine Translations of your listing information, which recipients can download and view in their preferred language.

3. Share

Got multiple products to market? 

  • Follow up your trade show meetings by sending your property, activity, restaurant or venue iBrochures to your contacts in one batch. 
  • Put them all together in a Digital Catalogue – watch this:

Don’t let your brand get lost in a pile of generic business cards. Login now, get prepped, and stand out!

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