Worried about losing your audience in a sea of words? Make your product descriptions a compelling read.

People have become lazy readers, with shorter attention spans than ever. Now, how do you convey your proposition comprehensively without long reams of text?


What you want to achieve

Successful copy confirms popular perceptions, but also surprises with unique information nuggets. The audience becomes the hero as it strikes an emotional chord – whether your objective is to tell a story, spark interest and curiosity, increase time spent on-site, inspire and guide action, or arouse aspirations while being inclusive.


Where to place it

Paying prudent attention to word count and usage, you can profile your product very effectively in your Wetu listing: 


Write it better

You have barely eight seconds to capture the attention of the average reader (says Wyzowl). Trade partners that sell your products don’t want long-winded, generic fluff, while your target customers spend the research stage scrolling rapidly down their devices.

Short and sweet does the trick.


  • State opinions – facts reassure that your future guests will, in fact, get what they read. 
  • Brag about your awards – save that for your blog.
  • Be clichéd – unless you want to be the same as everyone else. 
  • Use slang and colloquialisms – tricky to translate and confusing to non-native speakers. 
  • Overuse superlatives – rather describe why your product is the most amazing. 
  • Mix British and American English.


  • Follow the 20:80 text-visual ratio with succinct descriptions sinuously supporting powerful pictures. 
  • Write for SEO, making it easier to search and find online.
  • Keep pronouns neutral – third person plural makes it more convenient for re-sellers to repurpose your assets. 
  • Use the verb tenses that convey your present location, views, landmarks and facilities, what guests can and will do there. 
  • Include sensory details depicting the way things feel, sound, smell, taste, and look.
  • Grammar and spell check your descriptions.


Log in to your Dashboard and upload your updated product descriptions. But first, watch this:

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