It has special powers in digital exposure and access, this iBrochure… a strategic advantage to accommodation and hospitality suppliers!

Your brand needs accurate, consistent representation, your product needs the kind of content that sells it best, and your content needs more eyes on it – that’s a lot of work. So how will you find the time to focus on growing your business? A good solution would be a single location for all your product content in digital format that keeps your content costs down, saves you time, and also gets around a lot.

Content as a Resource-Saving Unicorn

Our industry has traditionally wasted too much time, money and effort trying to source or make content available. An iBrochure eliminates that waste because it just needs one soul, perhaps two, to manage its content and the rest is simple economics. Forget paper files. Once you’ve uploaded your digital content in the form of pictures, videos, virtual tours, descriptions and translations, specials, company documents or fact sheets, you can update it conveniently in one place.

Your marketing officer or product manager will know exactly where to go to tweak content to support new sales or marketing campaigns. No digging around for hours nor compromising on quality. There are dimensions and  guidelines to adhere to, ensuring uniformity in the way content displays in the iBrochure.

You can translate your product descriptions, then store it digitally where everyone on your staff can access and use it in a sale. Similarly with specials, once uploaded to your content, you can set the visibility option – that way your staff knows what’s for general public and what’s for trade eyes only. And there’s zero risk of tripping over an expired special.

From loading to updating, managing to sharing, your team ends up saving tons of time, effort and money working with your product content, which leaves them more time to focus on actual sales and marketing.

What Content Request?

It’s nice to be wanted, but content requests can become terribly time-demanding on your staff, especially if the required content isn’t organised to give everyone equal access or exists in different, cumbersome formats.

The iBrochure helps you deal in two ways: to find the content you need quickly and simply share the hyperlink to that specific piece of content. It keeps business flowing smoothly and beats that wasteful paper trail.

Automatic updates, accessible in one place, save everyone the time and tedium of making or taking those requests on individual bases. The most work it will cost you is the occasional content refresh and info update to ensure everything is current and accurate. Also, the moment anything in your content changes, it reflects instantly wherever you have shared your iBrochure link. Refreshing iBrochure content is absurdly easy: just delete the old, upload the new, save, and Bob’s your uncle, not an expensive tech geek you keep around to manage your website.

Anyone who wants to download your images and videos, or access details on your on-site dining options, can simply visit this site at any time of day, anywhere in the world. So it actually reduces those pesky content requests and empowers your trade partners to help themselves to what they need without having to wait for it.

Your Branding, your Calling Card

When your brand is recognisable and consistent, it’s easier for your clients to have trust and confidence in it. It instills loyalty among your clients and makes your brand memorable to new prospects. So why relinquish control over the way your products are represented online?

Brand identity starts with content; and together with your logo, form the calling card for your business. It should always display consistently wherever it is featured.

The fact that an iBrochure has the appearance of a mini-website minus the expense of using website designers you haven’t budgeted for, is another major saving. Its user-friendly layout and features meet your basic requirements plus the ability to add new or remove irrelevant content easily.

An iBrochure will carry your logo to cement your branding wherever it is featured on its own, in a Digital Catalogue, or linked to social media. When your sales and marketing collateral always bears your mark, it conveys the brand message unmistakably and consistently across the globe. Control this public perception of your brand, so that your clients know exactly whom they’re dealing with regardless of where or how they arrive at your content.

A brand identity is the most effective way any organization can gain a competitive edge in an increasingly crowded marketplace.


Branding is also a business tool – it empowers your re-sellers to incorporate your products into their own sales collateral. An iBrochure can be co-branded and re-branded, which work to your advantage by giving you access to new markets and partnerships.

Info saves time (and time is money). If it’s a toss-up between your brand and another similar product supplier in your destination, providing fabulous content that sells plus branding options, and you make it easier for operator and agents, that’s the kind of leverage that can pip the competition.

One-Stop-Shop for Direct Selling

As a standalone tourism product, it might be enough to rely on your good reputation, but when you combine your product with other service providers, events or promote seasonal specials, that boosts your prospects. Travellers planning to attend an event will also look for in-destination accommodation, activities and restaurants. Use the iBrochure to offer them a 1-stop-shop where it’s easier to get everything they need.

You can position yourself favourably for more direct-to-traveller offers, last-minute bookers and specials hunters. With all your product info comprehensively packaged in a single point of access, consumers have the luxury of knowing they need not research any further. Whether they arrive at your products from a social media search or as part of a branded inspiration board on a third party website or a destination marketing site, ultimately your iBrochure can lure direct traffic back to you, where you can seal the deal with a decisive call to action.

  • Choose between an Enquire or Book Now button, and decide where to send those direct enquiries.
  • Visitors can fill in an enquiry form and it goes straight to you.
  • Visitors can click the Book Now button and it directs them to a booking system with live availability if you have an integration with a booking portal, like ResRequest or Nightsbridge.
  • Host all your direct contact details, including front desk phone number and physical address, website and email addresses, for reservations or your marketing department.
  • Add your content manager’s details to give happy clients somewhere to send their holiday pics – adding these to your image gallery will give your brand some validation.

For properties, the Facebook app takes the Book Now button further by placing the option on individual rooms or units. Visitor can look, like and book immediately. That’s less friction, more instant gratification and better service.

And that’s How an iBrochure Helps

Visual consistency in your branding is vital to your business. It associates your brand with a certain kind of purchasing experience that earns loyalty among users, be they travellers or trade. When your content invites direct communication with travellers on a global scale, 24/7, it also enables a more hands-on approach with your revenue stream. With an iBrochure in your toolkit, you win back time spent faffing with content and distribution, rewarding you with more opportunity to build relationships and develop your business.

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