In cyberspace, some travel content fulfils its purpose and inspires travel, while other content floats aimlessly and sadly nowhere. Good content is front of mind: where it enables the trade to create dream experiences; and empowers travellers in the dream stage. Where’s your content in this journey?

The roadmap to effective content is a complex network of touch points – implemented correctly, it will simplify distribution and take hours of work out of your hands. Just follow the signs

Content Central gets you exposure to 400,000+ global trade visitors monthly. Check out your content here and decide if you’re happy with the way your products are represented. It’s yours to manage; so click here and get busy!

Widget puts your product content – exactly as you want your brand represented – on websites anywhere in the world,  wherever its code is embedded. Do it once – just like this – your content updates instantly, forever.

What’s in a Digital Itinerary for you, you ask? Soooo much exposure and potential sales. The trade finds your content in Wetu, pops it into itineraries, which take your brand everywhere they’re emailed, posted or embedded online, and shared.

Help the Trade, help yourself! When your content is that easy to find, repurpose for marketing, and attractive to use in their sales, it works for you by exposing your brand to prospects you haven’t even pursued yourself.

From Content Central onto trade websites via widgets and into digital itineraries.. next stop: Travellers from across the globe access your content like so many breadcrumb trails leading to your brand.

How versatile is your content in Wetu? Here’s another awesome route to follow:

iBrochure 60% is a good start, but lay the right foundation to make your road ahead smoother. Maximum Content Rating for maximum impact is this easy with your contact details and BOOK NOW button for direct engagement.

The Facebook App puts your content in arguably the most popular online space for travel inspiration known to modern traveller. Leverage its power: get your brand seen, liked, shared and talked about in far more travel conversations.

To Re-Brand or to Un-Brand.. gives trade partners the option to have only their own logo on your iBrochure or remove all branding from it. It makes your content more user-friendly to promote and add to their marketing material.

Digital Catalogue for your multiple products, put a portfolio of iBrochures together, with or without branding, to send into the world with 1 hyperlink. Build it fast, add it via your Facebook App, and off your content goes!

From your iBrochure onto Facebook, with your branding or your agent’s or none at all, onto digital catalogues and websites.. next stop: Travellers around the globe access your content with even more breadcrumb trails leading to your brand.

The buck doesn’t stop there. Happy travellers will make happy noise about your brand and your products on the social sharing sites they frequent!

If it’s got a hyperlink, it can be shared on Social Media. Your clients can advocate your brand by also sharing pics downloaded from your Image Gallery. Give them something to show off and they’ll do some pay-it-forward marketing for you!

As it started with your brand at the forefront, so it ends and the cycle repeats along its happy roadmap to effective content. The best part of this complex story is how little work you actually put in to get out so much value. It’s.. wait, can I say it? ..a NO BRAINER! While none of this is brain surgery, you might need some help – check in with us on now.🛣

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