Another epic year in the short life of Wetu.. 2017 has seen growth, innovation, global expansion, a bit of travelling, a lot of laughs, quite a few hellos and some goodbyes. Team Wetu departments are growing up in formation and function, processes are evolving, tools are getting sharper and smarter. We’ve been hard at work! But don’t worry, we play plenty too😏

Trade Shows 2017 Our year kicked off with a whirlwind of global networking, first at ITB Berlin, then WTM Africa and We Are Africa in Cape Town, Indaba in Durban, Magical Kenya in Nairobi, ITB Asia in Singapore, ending the globe-trot at WTM London.

We turned 8 years old and grew our team headcount to 72. We also started documenting our awesome team members under #shareyourstory, so that you can find out exactly who’s who in Team Wetu. Check out some our Wetu Stories at your leisure, but meanwhile.. continue this photo-journey with us as we wrap up the year that was 2017.

Festive Friday We celebrated with our very own Santa Wetu distributing donuts to all, even the naughty ones. Unfortunately, I saw him stuff a pillow in his belly, now my illusions are shattered and I question the existence of the Tooth Fairy..

The life & times of a Wetu Xmas Elf A year of hard work can take the stuffing out of anyone (not just talking about our fake Santa Wetu).. and Elfie has unfortunately borne the brunt of Team Wetu burn-out. He’s been seen all over Wetu HQ frequently in – ahem – compromising positions..

And to end things off.. This just in from a client on Wetu Live Chat: “Hi! Will you please tell Santa that all I want for Christmas is to be able to create different folders under my sample itineraries, so that I can sort it better (or at all!). I promise to be a good girl if Santa could deliver that..” Well, Santa came early. Introducing: Tags! But now she has to be good..🎁 How to use your Tags.

For more help on how to use your Wetu tools, remember to check our Wetu Knowledge Base while Tuesday Tips take a holiday. We may be slowing down, taking a breather, unwinding and releasing some accumulated cra-cra, but that doesn’t mean Wetu stops working for you.🎅🏻

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