The reason some content performs better than others is complex, but technology simplifies it for you. A little bit can go a long way, but when it comes to selling travel, more is always more.

Free listing vs Enhanced Listing

Basic is just that: the minimum. The starter pack. The first trip to the market place. Your content needs to perform better if you want your products to play in the big leagues. If your content is already enhanced, check if you’re using it to the best of its ability. If you need convincing why Enhanced is better than the basic Free Listing, read on.

We want to compete better for attention.

Free: max 6 images + description β€’ accessible to all users of the Wetu Itinerary Builder

πŸ‘‘Enhanced: more pictures, videos & virtual tours, activities, specials, docs β€’ visible to the travelling public in iBrochure format β€’ visible to the global travel trade in Content Central β€’ accessible to all users of the Wetu Itinerary Builder

It’s so time-consuming to send the same content to different places with each content request!

Free: updated content is automatically available to users of the Wetu Itinerary Builder

πŸ‘‘Enhanced: refer content requests to your iBrochure or Content Central β€’ send clients a link to the relevant content as needed β€’ all content changes instantly available wherever links are accessed

It costs us each time we must change something in our marketing material..

Free: refresh and update up to 6 images, contact details and/or property description β€’ changes visible to users of the Wetu Itinerary Builder

πŸ‘‘Enhanced: iBrochure format can be used on all digital marketing platforms β€’ quick and easy to load new images, videos, virtual tours, docs and descriptions β€’ update as often as needed and add as much new content as you want per campaign

We can’t keep track of all the stale, old content we’ve sent out and worry how it represents our brand

Free: monitor quality of pictures and description to ensure content is fresh and relevant β€’ control how your products are represented to users of the Wetu Itinerary Builder

πŸ‘‘Enhanced: control how your products are represented on all digital platforms β€’ content is quick and easy to update in one place β€’ all updates are automatically available wherever your iBrochure links have been shared and your content is embedded

How do we get more operators, DMCs and agents to sell more of our products?

Free: tour operators, DMCs and travel agents that use Wetu and sell your products need your content for their itineraries β€’ expose your product content to other prospective trade partners that use the Wetu Itinerary Builder

πŸ‘‘Enhanced: interactive iBrochure format displays better in digital itineraries built in Wetu β€’ more engaging, in-depth content helps create more inspiring client proposals β€’ ability to re-brand content makes your products easier to sell

It’s so much work to promote our products in different sales channels!

Free: users of the Wetu Itinerary Builder can include your product content in their proposals β€’ digital itineraries featuring your content can be sold directly to clients or added to digital catalogues as sales collateral, and potentially embedded onto websites

πŸ‘‘Enhanced: users of the Wetu Itinerary Builder can feature your iBrochure content in all their digital sales collateral β€’ easily share your iBrochure link directly with clients by email, newsletters, blog or Whatsapp β€’ actively push your content onto your own or 3rd party websites using the embed widget β€’ use the Facebook App to promote your products on social media

We’d love to market to different language speakers but that’s a difficult, costly exercise.

Free: product description is done in English as the default language β€’ users of the Wetu Itinerary Builder canΒ  use Machine Translations to translate itineraries that feature your content

πŸ‘‘Enhanced: choose from among 11 supported languages and load translations for your iBrochure content β€’ all language options are available for selection on the same link | any changes to your translation(s) will update automatically

We wish we could score more direct bookings and rely less on booking portals..

Free: your product content featured in Wetu itineraries improve the chances of your products being sold by tour operators, DMCs and travel agents

πŸ‘‘Enhanced:Β An iBrochure features a Book Now or Enquire Now button linked to your own contact details β€’ call to action combined with your branding on the Facebook App invites more direct contact with your brand

Turn the challenge of content into opportunities. When it’s abundant, fresh and relevant, looks better, goes further, and is easy to access, then everyone wins.

In Wetu terms, it means enhancing the way your content performs and getting your products seen, used and sold more. Need help? Consult this doc.

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