Some of the colourful peeps on Team Wetu decided to take the new year by the short/long/straight ‘n curlies on our first Funky Friday of 2018. The hair-raising theme brought the creative out of some and the weird out of others (judge for yourself). When they’re not being funky, they’re very busy doing their bit to improve your Wetu experience.

Click the images to view who’s who in the hat category🎩:

Also au chapeau was our Junior Graphic Designer, Robin, who is responsible for some of the fun artwork you see on our social media platforms, email covers and media banners. So when you see this..

..just imagine this guy.














But the winner on the day was among this lot. Sporting some funky hairdo’s (or don’ts):💇🏽

And 1st prize went to..📯 Project & Systems Coordinator Simone! She’s the one guiding you through your integration to ensure it all runs smoothly. So when you see a #WetuWow like this..

Thanks for that (integrations) training session, which was great & summarised everything clearly!

Journey Beyond’s the hairdo behind the genius.

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