In the race toward optimal brand exposure, how well does your product fare? We’ve taken a deep look at the state of supplier content in Wetu and how an iBrochure can earn your travel brand more views. It begs the question: How can you get more hits on your content?? The Wetu answer: get seen, get used, get sold.

Did you know..

❓Operators/DMCs/Agents are more likely to use the supplier product with the higher Content Rating (CR) in the destination they sell, because they know it tells a visually more compelling story in their itineraries. Each time an itinerary is viewed by an agent or prospective client, so are the featured products.

❓You can use your existing content on Facebook or websites for even more hits and views. You have access to a free Facebook App and the Wetu embed widget, which enables you to instantly update your content wherever it is in 1 go.

❓It’s as easy as clicking on this link!

Stats don’t lie

Figures from our top performing iBrochures this past month scream🗣Got to be in it to win it!

📈The best performing iBrochure had 7,495 views in Wetu itineraries [88% CR]

📈The iBrochure most featured in Wetu itineraries was used 1,114 times [88% CR]

 📈The most proactive iBrochure had 3,202 other views [90% CR]

Can you beat these figures? Become a statistic this month!🏇🏇🏇 Going by the YEARLY AVERAGES of our 10 best performing iBrochures worldwide, the numbers are looking UP.

Views in Wetu itineraries Times used in Wetu itineraries Views outside of Wetu
2017 45,014  5,778  21,180
2018 to date 40,276 9,744 28,763


So what do these top performing iBrochures have in common?

  • Content Rating between 80% and 100% An average of 11,115 views were scored in 2018 by iBrochures with 85-100% CR; and an average of 10,052 views by iBrochures with 60-85% CR
  • Used on websites and Facebook The most visited embedded iBrochure👇clocked up 6,790 views in 1 month, inviting engagement with interactive content directly on their website

So the key is to dress up your content to ramp up its rating and then put it everywhere. What’s a Content Rating? Find out here. Present your brand accurately, consistently with hi-res pictures, videos, 360° tours, activities, restaurants, etc. Click on the iBrochure links below for ideas and see what you can do. You’re still in the race towards becoming Wetu’s next top iBrochure💃🏽

Can you beat this?

Check out these brands strutting their content stuff in this month’s top performing iBrochures:

⭐ East Africa

Giraffe Manor | Kenya | 90% | 21,296 itinerary views | 2,171 itinerary usage | 8,173 other views

⭐ Southern Africa

Ilala Lodge | Zimbabwe | 88% | 40,534 itinerary views | 8,437 itinerary usage | 5,158 other views

⭐ South America

CasaSur Recoleta Hotel | Argentina | 75% | 4,438 itinerary views | 37 itinerary usage | 43 other views

⭐ Indian Ocean

Trou aux Biches Beachcomber | Mauritius | 68% | 483 itinerary views | 200 itinerary usage | 3,650 other views

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