Not to confuse anyone, but Team Wetu knows a thing or two about lots of things. Including love and how to change a tyre. While the world of travel keeps us very busy making work easier for you, life carries on, friendships are made and car tyres go flat. To these practical ends, we decided to host our own series of speed dates to mark Valentine’s Day and then, we went all grown up with our Adulting 101 course of the month.

Love first Our Culture Club does a great job of keeping the Wetu mojo flowing. By setting up our first ever Speed-date your Team Mate session, some of us used the opportunity to suss out some of our newbies as well as touch base with those who’ve been around since the beginning of time. (Click on the pic to come a little closer.)

Here’s what the speed-date spy tapes recorded.. Pictured below, new Marketing Intern, Michaela (right), learnt that Junior Designer, Robin’s (left) biggest pet peeve was “being dirty” – just as well she’s still too nice to read anything into it. 

Winners of the best dressed competition in white & red

When Senior Digital Designer, Andrea, learnt that Robin has never been to a theme park or zoo, it blew her mind, she lost her nuts.🦄

New Sales & Support Specialist, Christopher, remembered virtually nothing from his dates, complaining that the dates were too short.🐠 Clearly a man who likes to take his time..

On the question of how to spend a million bucks in 3 days, Software Developer, Peter, aka Captain Slow, first wanted to buy a computer, some gadgets and a car (which he would drive very slowly)🚙but Bookkeeper, Isabella, taught him some perspective.

When he told Zarinah that he would instead pay his debt and invest the rest, she called him the most boring date ever. Ouch.

#Adulting101 🙅🏿 When the opportunity came along for Team Wetu to learn how to change a flat tyre, it drew mostly responsible Wetu women who are already known for their resourcefulness and independence. Every company should have a Digital Marketing Manager that can moonlight as a jack-of-all-trades, which is why we have Tiaan. He was, for the most part, ably assisted in the task by BAM Edwin.

Wetu talent just keeps growing. Wetu is friend, teacher, tech lover, joker and moonlight mechanic.

“Make sure at all times to have something to play tug-of-war with while you wait for the tyre to fall off.”


And if you’re ever in the neighbourhood and need a friendly chat, a half decent cup of coffee, or some tyres changed, we’re always happy to receive you.🍹