Behind the tech, the outstanding service and love of travel, beats one giant Wetu heart. We’re only human, we swear, and we’re proud of our team, our culture, our quirks and the blood we sweat for our clients day in and out. But sometimes, when nobody’s looking.. we.. Do things.🤐

Our latest Funky Friday theme was Let’s get Dotty. Some wore them, others stuck them on.

When Terri & Kate tried to contact the other side…

In other news, Team Wetu doesn’t wait around for better times. We create them.👩‍🎨 Some got their gaming faces on at our LAN event, we’ve had laser tagging and quizzing (which I won), we’ve had an engagement and a wedding, a couple of departures, and several newbies to induct into the wonderful Wetu world.


Last but not least, when Mandela Day came around, our #WetuLove went to the dogs. Okay, cats too.. (but dogs rule). Now you see us. We’re a lovely bunch, really. Even when nobody’s looking.

Wanna see where we live? Where we sweat that blood for team, country and the all-round health and wealth of global tourism? Take a quick tour around Wetu HQ.

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