This is what an ideal month in the life of an operator in Wetu looks like. Rate yourself on the SUPER USER scale and decide: do you want to be average, not bad, pretty good, or supernova HOT? Tick off your healthy Wetu habits:

  • LOGIN to your Wetu Dashboard every day
  • BUILD itineraries; digital catalogues; components to use in itineraries; custom routes and directions for self-drives
  • ACCESS supplier database; specials portal to add more value to your offering
  • CUSTOMISE destination and supplier content to personalise itineraries; website with branded itineraries, iBrochures, and digital catalogues
  • CONNECT with preferred suppliers if their content rating is low; with the world by adding your social media links to your itineraries; with Wetu on our social media platforms for daily updates
  • UPDATE themes to customise itineraries; meet & greets; inclusions/exclusions; company video and documents; directory of contact info
  • READ Wetu Blog; Newsletter; Tuesday Tips; Dashboard pop-ups for useful Wetu resources and tips
  • SAVE oodles to time with the itinerary copy/transfer/post features and Wetu integrations with operator quoting software
  • WOW CLIENTS by sending them itinerary links to view on mobile devices; by printing awesome branded travel docs; by translating itineraries for non-English-speaking clients

We’d like to see you go supernova. Tell us if you think you’re a Wetu Super User (or nominate a colleague).

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