Service and Content: there’s a beautiful parallel between what you do for your clients and what we endeavour to do for you. The line between content and service blurs when you sell travel – how you present an experience and how travellers access it are equally important. Solving both problems in 1 go is a win-win for you and for your client. And that’s what we live and work for. Here to share their stories are 2 members of the team who bring you awesome destination content for your itineraries and the service you need to make those sales happen.

Meet Content Copywriter Brenna Coetzee, who’s been at Wetu for over a year, writing beautiful destination content.

Your right-hand-man, go-to-guy when gremlins give you a workday headache, Support Supervisor Fabian Salie runs the growing Support team at Wetu.

Do you know anyone who fancies themselves Wetu material? Then get them to check out our Careers page. Contact us if you’re keen to #shareyourstory💞

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