It started with a battle.. a battle with content waged by tour operators and travel agents on behalf of travellers. Paul de Waal founded Wetu to solve this layered problem of getting good content into and throughout the sales channels. It’s taken Passion, Persistence and Pocket (with a little luck thrown in) to get Wetu through its start-up teething phase. There were few during our younger years, but early adopters quickly understood the return on investment; the message is now spreading. The trade has demanded our expansion, and while there’s more to come, here’s an overview of destinations currently supported in Wetu.


The charm of the idea is its simplicity: how suppliers of travel and operators/DMCs/agents can overcome fragmentation of the trade by collaborating and networking in a single system. Beautiful content, managed by suppliers, centralised and freely accessible to the global trade on the one hand. On the other, the ability to create website-style digital itineraries quickly, accessible on any mobile device and an equally awesome travel app, with content that converts. No more reams of printed text with a few paltry pics; just versatile publishing tools for modern channels, for modern tech savvy travellers.

Now you know where it began. Taking brand Wetu forward is really about moving in multiple directions, all over the world. Oceania is a prized travel destination for many. Meet our contact down under, Donyale Sexton, BDM Strategist for Oceania.

If you know anyone who thinks they’re Wetu material, get them to check out our Careers page. Contact us if you’re keen to #shareyourstory💞

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