Our clients are our business – our products are our passion. The year is free-falling towards that time when we start reflecting on what we do, our purpose and our journey, in profound, often poetic terms. Yet the clichés are true for us: our operations, developments and resources, the support and guidance we provide, all combined are the purpose we serve for our clients.

System is defined as a set of principles according to which something is done, an interconnecting network or organised complex of things working together. Behind that clinical definition we have some awesome talent making our system work, and theirs is a story of passion for brand Wetu.

Meet Kent Macpherson, Project Manager and resident Integrations wizard.

What were you doing before you joined Wetu? I was Business Unit Manager Support for an international inbound tour operator, managing the IT and Tourplan departments.

You joined the team during 2017. What attracted you to Wetu? I met Paul many years ago when Wetu was known as Smartguide, and have always enjoyed his collaborative approach to business. Over the years I’ve seen Wetu grow into this amazing product that’s in demand worldwide. I just had to be part of the team!

What do you like most about working at Wetu? Being part of this dynamic company, working with such an awesome team of people!

Name 1 important thing you’ve learnt about the industry. The opportunities are endless out there and if you’re agile enough, you can certainly claim your share.

Do you have a Wetu nickname? Tasty or tasty cronut. I may have a bit of a sweet tooth.

Share 1 of your fondest Wetu memories so far. Everyday there is something that will make you laugh, from Tiaan and his camera lens, to the pranks and the banter..

How would your colleagues describe you? As the integrations guy who knows all the tasty culinary secrets in Cape Town.

Give 1 awesome reason no tourism professional can survive without Wetu. Planning a holiday is about experiencing a vision of what the place is like that you have always dreamt of visiting. Wetu makes that a reality at the push of a button for every tourism professional out there.

From waving magic wands with systems integrations to user experience and support, we’re all about positively impacting our clients’ work experience. We have more stories to share below. If you know anyone who thinks they’re Wetu material, get them to check out our Careers page.

Contact us if you’re keen to #shareyourstory💞

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