You know you’re winning when your staff is passionate enough about your brand to stay loyal through the early start-up period with its teething issues and challenges; and you continue to attract amazing fresh talent, eager to make their Wetu mark. Here are the stories of some of the personalities taking our brand across international waters, making their Wetu home in different parts of the world.

Destination Anywhere: that’s what we have our sights on. Handing travel professionals the world over the keys to greater productivity and business growth – a healthy global trade for all who sell travel and memorable experiences for all who dream travel. First stop, Latin America. Argentine Fran Escuder and Malu Esteves, newest members of our international team, recently left HQ to begin their Wetu journey on home soil. Their starting mission is to grow and develop our partnerships within the Latin American industry. If you’re in Buenos Aires from 28 to 31 October, you can arrange to meet them at the FIT Feria Internacional de Turismo trade show on or

Next stop, Russia. Meet Business Development Manager Nazeem Dollie. New to fatherhood but a Wetu veteran, he moved to Russia’s cultural capital, Saint Petersburg, last year.

What originally attracted you to Wetu? When I joined in August 2015, what attracted me to Wetu was that it was an online technology company with a non-corporate feel to it.

Which of the Wetu values do you most identify with? Innovation. Change. Flexibility. Wetu offered me the flexibility to work abroad – this has made all the difference to my life.

Share 1 of your fondest Wetu memories. When I went for the interview, I thought the entire software development and support teams were 1 big sales team. I remember thinking, “Damn! I’m going to have to prove myself against this massive sales team!” In fact, I was the first sales person recruited to Wetu at the time.

Give 1 awesome reason no tourism professional can survive without Wetu. Simple! It makes life easy and saves hours of time. I’m proud to be part of an organisation where I’m contributing towards a vision of helping an industry (tourism in this instance) change the way they do business for the better. We’re helping them speed up their processes, reduce turn-around time, improve client retention, and increase sales turnover.

What sort of challenges did Wetu experience in the early years? I didn’t get the advanced product training (onboarding) that BDMs joining after me received. At the time I joined, the Support team was still in its infancy and were also undergoing training. So I had to onboard myself! I still managed to achieve the highest sales for 2016. I’m living proof that if you have a goal or a dream worth pursuing, you can achieve it regardless of where you are from.

What surprises you most about Wetu’s evolution? It’s actually not a surprise. I would’ve been surprised if it hadn’t evolved the way it has.

What do you like most about working for Wetu? The fact that I can work from abroad in Russia and that I can work from home, which saves me hours in commute. Also the fact that we have a flat management structure, so I can communicate with the directors on a friendly yet professional basis.  I think Wetu is a great company, I love the company culture and vibe, the people, and the fact that my commission is not capped. I’m very happy to be a part of this awesome team, and thank you for the opportunity to share my story.

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