Resources and systems, essential components of the machine that drives the way you work. We’re all about smoothing the rough edges and streamlining the processes involved in selling travel. It starts with content, empowering the people best placed to supply it, and moves purposefully along to developments in technology that, in turn,  empower the trade to work more efficiently and better service the traveller at the receiving end of the process. Some of the folks involved share their Wetu stories.

A loooong time ago, this quiet, petite no-nonsense workhorse boarded the Wetu train and has been a strong, calm presence in the Content department (although with only 7 souls in the team back then, there were no ‘departments’ to speak of and everyone did a bit of everything). Meet Danielle van Reenen, Content Supervisor.

Before joining Wetu, what was your tech-savvy rating on a scale from 1 to 10? About 5! It only went up to 6 (lol) but the system really wasn’t difficult for me to figure out. Plus Pieter taught me some tricks and shortcuts in the early days 🙂

What were you doing before you joined Wetu? I was a Content Intern at an online recruitment company.

What do you like most about working at Wetu? Flexibility. After working at different companies and having to deal with super strict rules and policies, it’s so great to work for a company that’s more chilled.

Name 1 important thing you’ve learned about the industry from your time at Wetu. That Wetu is a godsend to the travel industry.

Which of the Wetu values do you most identify with? We Strive for Excellence. I’m always trying to do things better and work towards improving myself and the way I do my job.

Share your proudest moment so far as a member of Team Wetu. Playing a vital role in maintaining and expanding the Content Team. Most of Southern Africa was done by the time I joined. We had just started working on India, then moved into Latin America and the South Pacific. We’re currently filling in gaps in South East Asia and various other supported regions. Exciting that we’ve covered so much already and there’s no slowing down!

What surprises you most about Wetu’s evolution? The growth rate with regard to the Wetu staff. Started out as 1 of 7 people and within such a short space of time, Wetu now has more than 7 departments.

That’s Destination content☑ Next stop, insights into the exciting life and times of travel tech innovations. Meet one of our founding fathers who has nurtured the machine to life and keeps its heart beating.

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