We totally advocate portraying the humanity behind a company – putting your company video out there, introducing your staff to the world, the ones who dig the trenches, pour the foundations, build your brand. Travellers like to see the people they’re dealing with, and we’d like you to put some faces and voices to the names behind the Wetu scenes too.🎬

From our Support team, we present the soft-spoken, steady character of Aluta Sukula, one of our longer serving team members:

Before joining Wetu, what was your tech savvy rating on a scale from 1 to 10? I’d give myself 5 as I came here only knowing the basics. I’ve learnt so much since I started working here.

What were you doing before you joined Wetu? Before Wetu, I was at home looking after my daughter. I had worked in retail as a sales assistant but when I fell pregnant, I chose to resign and stay home to experience my first pregnancy properly. 7 months after my daughter was born, I started jobhunting and found Wetu.

What do you like most about working at Wetu? What’s not to like about working here? It’s a great company! For me it’s the flexibility. Being able to come to work with my daughter when I work weekends is great. Even though I’m busy, I still get to spend time with her. She loves coming to the office with me. Having a company that considers your priorities, makes you feel really important and valued.

Which of the Wetu values do you most identify with? Family. People here are amazing – we’ve developed strong relationships. It’s my second home! I spend most of my time here; so they’re my family now.

Share 1 of your fondest/funniest Wetu memories. At the old office, Megan broke the ladies bathroom door handle. That day she got a nickname, HULK! Still ask myself how she managed to do that, lol!!

Share your proudest moment so far as a member of Team Wetu. Being part of the growth here at Wetu. The company is growing so fast! When I started in 2015, we were about 15 and today we closer to 50+. Our family is expanding – almost every month Wetu is popping out new babies, hahahaha!

With growth comes diversity in talent. As for talent.. you just can’t play down awesome. Next up are Isabella Bristow from the Finance team and Jared Lee from the Development team. Know anyone equally talented who could be Wetu material? Direct them to our Careers page.

What’s your Wetu story? Contact us to #shareyourstory.💞

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