In our business, Time is like a red hot sports car: it represents luxury, speed and pleasure.🏎Team Wetu’s gone Ferrari from 7 to 50 members in 2 years (end of July). Yet we still feel like start-up babies, full of healthy curiosity and wonder at the opportunities that travel tech presents, and the role we play bringing our clients state-of-the-art tools to get them highly competitive, make the workplace their happy place, and put Time back in their pockets.

The Context Institute suggests that we embrace the limitations of time and explore their implications. Our opportunities exist around developing the system that empowers our users to master their own time – expensive commodity at work, precious tender in our personal lives.

The cost of the time spent on any given activity is the value to us of what we otherwise would have been doing with that time.

Wetu salutes the value of time: from helping you do more of what you’d rather be doing, to passing it onto your clients, and aiding the speed of growth. As part of the original furniture, Pieter Steyn has witnessed Wetu’s growth since birth. Our grumbling camera-shy Destinations & Special Projects Manager shares his story.

Name 1 important thing you’ve learnt about the industry during your time here. Still too many out there embellish what they actually know about destinations they sell! There’s no need for that with all the content that’s available.

Share 1 of your funniest Wetu memories. This one time I asked a client to mail me a screenshot of the issue they were experiencing – they sent a photo of their work desk. Still managed to sort out the issue in the end!

What would you like to achieve (at Wetu or elsewhere) going forward? World Peace🕊

How would your colleagues describe you? Angry

Give 1 awesome reason no tourism professional can survive without Wetu. Once you go Wetu, you never go back! On a more serious note, using Wetu WILL save any professional a lot of time. Every day!

What sort of challenges did Wetu experience in the early years? I think one of the biggest challenges was to convince people (especially older) that we’re not crazy. Very few believed that it could work – who’s laughing now?! It was (and still is) really challenging to get some Operators and Agents to make the change to Digital.

What surprises you most about Wetu’s evolution? Nothing really. We had a good idea, we knew it would work – it was just a matter of making it happen.

Thanks, Pieter! Down boy. Meet 2 more from Team Wetu below. And if you know anyone who fancies themselves Wetu material, get them to check out our Careers page. What’s your Wetu story? Contact us if you’re keen to #shareyourstory.💞


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