We end off the month with a new home after moving to larger premises – same building, but more space to wreak our special kind of constructive havoc. Why not pay us a visit some time? We’ve got good coffee.


Jared & Jared finding inspiration or doing a bad musical impression..


Zek schmoozing on the phone


Being supportive are Megan & Tawriq in the forefront, and being content is Camyn in the background.


Pieter restoring order in the kitchen

Louwrisa finding her feet on our lovely, clean new carpet

Louwrisa finds her feet on lovely, clean new carpets & Paul, in deep concentration, thinks out of the box


Luvuko, Werner, Candice & Michael BDM’ing like a fishbowl on fire

Our lounging, meeting, sunny in the mornin’ corner


Jackie & Jared doing something that doesn’t remotely resemble the Wetu boogywoogy


Tiaan in a #coffeemustfall moment while Terri eggs him on

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