How can you make it easier for the trade to sell, and travellers to buy your unique experience?

Simplify how they access and consume your marketing and sales assets, so you can get more sales for your product:

  1. Tour operators, DMCs and travel agents will be more inclined to use your product in their sales if they have your best, latest assets for their client proposals.
  2. Travellers will feel more persuaded to buy your product if you showcase it in a visually engaging and informative way, with the option to book directly with you.

If you manage or market a cruise ship, houseboat, luxury yacht, river cruise, riverboat, train or other mobile accommodation, we can help you showcase your experience beautifully and promote it everywhere.

Showcasing your product

Travellers are looking for unique experiences for their post-pandemic ‘revenge travel’. What do you want them to know about your product? Showcase it in an interactive, digital brochure packed with rich visuals and detailed information to help inform their decision to book with you:

  • Photograph your room, villa, unit or cabin types, as well as activities offered as part of your experience. Depict your offering with high-resolution, full-screen photos, following a 20:80 ratio of text to visuals.
  • Upload videos and virtual tours to provide different perspectives of your experience.
  • Describe your offering with concise, detailed copy, and upload translations of your product description to expose your business to multilingual markets.
  • Aim for 100% on Wetu’s Content Rating (CR) system – this measures the depth of uploaded product info and imagery. A high CR is preferable to trade members for the aesthetic value it adds to their itineraries.
  • Check if your product appears in Content Central, our supplier product databank visited by thousands of global trade members monthly – if it’s there and you’d like to improve on what you see, contact to learn how.

Promoting your product

Once listed in Wetu, your assets become very useful to the trade, and highly shareable:

  • Tour operators, DMCs and travel agents can easily access your uploaded assets through our Itinerary Builder tool, and then include your product in their itineraries. It saves them from searching for product information and images, and from using outdated, inaccurate info.
  • With sufficient detail uploaded to the system, you could unlock a digital brochure (iBrochure), a mini-website marketing and sales tool containing everything you’d want any target customer to know about your product offering. Trade members can also add it to digital catalogues.
  • An iBrochure has an Enquire button that you can personalise and link to your booking portal. Market directly to travellers by sharing the iBrochure link on social media or in marketing emails. Watch this:

Keen to expose your mobile accommodation to more sales? Register your product and get started!

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