The purpose of technology is to serve its user and make life easier. Here are 10 top ways tech helps you solve the problem of hard work, with zero rocket science or brain surgery involved! It’s about digital tools simplifying your processes; so you’re more efficient, more productive, and produce a higher rate of excellence.💡You can:

1 Search for content & specials super fast When tech puts all the accommodation, activities, day tours and special offers you’d want to include in client proposals at your fingertips inside the Itinerary Builder.

2 Quick search & repurpose your existing collateral When tech enables you with a tagging and filtering system to quickly find itineraries that sold well, suited to your new client, with the option to copy, tweak and send.

3 Share knowledge easily When tech gives you an internal platform to record, update and share destination knowledge, expertise, notes on suppliers and other tourism service providers, client info, etc. to support your entire team.👯👯

4 Build fast, build more, service more When tech saves you time and energy because your personalised itineraries are quick to plan, quick to produce and quick to present, and you’re free to pursue more sales prospects.

5 Update info, docs & content instantly When tech gets you into the time-saving habit of storing and editing your company docs, rates and fact sheets, Ts & Cs, client info, etc. in 1 place for easy access.

6 Translate content once & use it forever When tech provides you with a safe place to store and access your translated content to compete in multilingual markets, available to all users on your account.🌈

7 Slash work time in half with a TOS integration When tech empowers you to integrate your quoting operator software with a labour-saving content management, publishing and distribution system.

8 Get your collateral working harder with cobranding When tech makes it easier for your agents and re-sellers to market and sell your products because they can add their logo as a stamp of their approval.

9 Put it wherever you need it super fast When tech powers your distribution with digital speed on multiple platforms: itineraries emailed directly from the builder; hyperlinked collateral shared online; digital catalogues on Facebook; content API and widgets embedded on websites; all updated automatically.🛰

10 Use rebranded iBrochures in your presentations When tech supports your storytelling and destination marketing with existing content from preferred suppliers that carry your own branding.

11 Deal quickly with client queries on Live Chat When tech opens the doors of communication with your clients directly on their digital itineraries, so you can address questions as they arise and get on with the sale.

Yeah, we gave you that last one on the house.🏡That’s just how we roll. Use the time you save more productively: devote more time to clients, more time planning or training, more time growing the business. And we’ll handle the tech.

..the effectiveness of productive effort as measured in terms of the rate of output per unit of input

The definition of productivity

In Wetu terms, it means tech helping you get more done in less time, exerting less effort to produce genius results. Need help? Consult this doc.

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