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“WETU has successfully added an unrivalled level of engagement to our itinerary offerings. Our clients love the ease of navigation and the mobile itineraries have really been well received. we love the customisable features that ensure our unique stamp is ever present.”

– Sussi Galley Livingston Safaris


“We have used Wetu since its inception and it has given us a considerable advantage over our competitors. Clients love it and we constantly receive compliments. It is also a major time saver now as we have a huge data bank of itineraries that we can access for all new enquiries.”

– John Mitchell-Adams Destinations Africa

sandy“Wetu has revolutionised the way we put forward itineraries to our clients; being so interactive, it makes everything appear real. I really don’t know how we managed before…”

– Sandy Wood Pulse Africa



“Using Wetu has taken our itinerary presentations to prospective clients from antiquated and pedestrian to state-of-the-art and exciting. It is easy to use even for someone who has no training or experience.”

– Josef du Plessis Fish Eagle Safaris Inc.

“Itinerary creation is just made so easy with the knowledge that all the destinations that you would like to possibly include have detailed copy which will honestly and professionally describe the whole product for you. Along with the copy comes a fantastic array of high quality photography that helps say it all. The iBrochure feature is one of my many favorites. It’s like having the whole of the travel industry right at your fingertips. It makes you feel empowered.”

– Ken Hermer Scott Dunn

“It has enabled us to be first to market with specials and initiatives on our website , our quote conversion has increased since taking on WETU, our travel agent partners have also embraced it and love that we can white label the itineraries. Win Win!”

– Katina Generalis Above and Beyond Holidays

“Before WETU, we used to painstakingly draw itineraries on Google Map. We have been using WETU for over three years now and it has become a basic step in our selling process. It not only lets us turn ideas into meaningful itineraries, but also help convey them to the client that most times has little knowledge of the destination.”

– Jordi Casinos Enkosi Africa

“WETU provides an easy step by step solution to fast track a potential visitor to a destination to consider the products & services offered, in a format that also provides much required orientation, and point to point transfer / transport and flight routes by clicking on a provided URL / link.”

– Peter-John Mitrovich Grosvenor Tours

“Brilliant system for designing custom-made itineraries. Excellent back-office support. Amazing features. Good value. Easy to use and adapt to each different client.”

– Andrew Russel Cape Africa Tours

“I have successfully used Wetu to sell itineraries throughout Africa. My clients absolutely love this tool and it is incredibly easy for me to quickly create and then edit itineraries during the planning process. With one click, I can also create a PDF for my clients who like paper documents. Customer service has always been very responsive to me.”

– Crisney Lane Mosaic Safaris

“We love WETU! Thanks for making it available to us tour operators. It sure helps us to sell a safari.

I started to hear about WETU from your attendance at trade shows such as Indaba and then from other tour operators over here. While I was President at African Travel Inc., over here in Los Angeles, we spent a huge amount of money and time designing our own bespoke software to produce itineraries. In the process we needed lots of data entry staff and software maintenance techies. Using WETU does away with it all!

It also seemed too much unnecessary duplication to be receiving itineraries from our Africa DMC and then spending time and money converting their itinerary into our own itinerary version. And of course speed of response to client requests is key to winning business. So being able to receive a WETU itinerary from our Africa DMC and immediately send it on to our client enables us to respond to client requests within 24 hours.

Keep up the good work!”

– Jim Holden Holden Safaris (Newport Beach, California)

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