There was mud and music, there was sweat and slithering, there were obstacles and much groaning.. there was Team Wetu at the 2016 IMPI #4 making monkeys of themselves on the monkey bars. Don’t mistake us for dirt-sensitive vampire tech nerds – we play hard and we fight clean. The promise of a beer tent at the end had nothing to do with it..


Viwe was the Winner of the Wetu challenge!


Tiaan & Paul after an early bath.. like cattle wading through dip.


That’s Megan in the foreground – she killed it at the monkey bars! That girl’s got strong hands.


Werner stretches while Isabella shouts at Candice; and Tawriq, well.. that’s the last anyone saw of him.


Full of beans & bravado before the event.


There goes Candice, treading mud among the daisies.


Representing Team Wetu, making us look good & making us proud 🙂


Like a scene from a post-apocalyptic movie.. congratulations Team Wetu for finishing the course!

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