Want a bigger share of emerging travel markets? Reposition your brand with some on-trend offerings.

Meaningful travel experiences, sustainable tourism and personalised service will trend in 2022, together with concern for safety and price… We’re geared up to help you adapt the way you sell your destination, to refresh your proposition and tap into those trends.


On your Dashboard

To start sourcing ingredients for your unique, new experiences, click those green buttons:

  • iBrochure Search – for brandable product content in your destinations, including static and mobile accommodation, restaurants, venues, activities, sites and attractions.
  • View Product Content to spot check what’s available in the system. Choice is value; so, providing alternative accommodation options will give your client proposals an edge! Supplement what’s missing with your own custom content, or get your supplier to update it.
  • Specials Portal – to match your client with well-priced products from special offers available in your destination. Urge your suppliers to upload their specials, so you can play matchmaker.



Finding something that excites you but leaves you wanting more, screams for collaboration! Your teammates and suppliers hold the key – if they’re not active in Wetu, tell them to hurry up and get there.

  • Ask suppliers to update their fast facts to ensure you make appropriate choices for your clients.
  • Ask suppliers to WetuShare confidential info like STO rates and COVID policies directly with you.
  • Pool your expertise by assigning tags and classifications to preferred accommodation, restaurants and activities for your entire team to access and create new tour products.


Try something new

Use your rich inventory of updated product content, itinerary components and routings to showcase the same destination from different perspectives.


Create some on-trend experiences now – login to your Dashboard and contact support@wetu.com for help.

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