How do you hook travellers searching for an escape without the hassles of planning a road trip?

Many of your target customers prefer to limit their travels closer to home and more still are wary about leaving a lower carbon footprint in their wake. Help them out by stitching together personalised self-drive tours that cover all the logistics and make hitting the open road an easier choice for them to make.


Working with rental cars

From setting up your most frequently-used car rental companies to adding car hire details to your itineraries, the process in Wetu is simple: 

  • Pre-load car rental company details in Admin, including the name of a contact person, telephone number and email address. 
  • Pull the relevant contact details into an itinerary in the Route Builder, Planner and Review steps of your Itinerary Builder by clicking the ‘Load Contacts’ button. 
  • To add rental details to an itinerary, navigate to the Route Builder and select the Self-Drive mode of transport. Include details such as rental category, vehicle type, pick up and drop off dates and times, and booking reference. Here’s how to add car hire to an itinerary.

Got a unique route to recommend to your client? You can upload a custom route in the Route Builder step, or edit an existing route, then check that your new directions are on point.


Working with campervans

You can add a motorhome, campervan or Recreational Vehicle (RV) and populate your client itinerary as follows: 

  • navigate to the Accommodation step of your Itinerary Builder; 
  • select the provider – if the one you want doesn’t pop up, ask to add it for you; 
  • select the meals and drinks bases; 
  • decide on your day grouping – how it will display in your itinerary output; 
  • add stops en route, differentiating between overnight stops and daytime stops for in-destination excursions; 
  • add the self-drive mode of transport in the Route Builder and select the RV icon; and, 
  • indicate the distance to travel and duration of the journey by from the ‘Directions’ button. 

Watch this video, log in to your Dashboard and try it for yourself:


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