Pitching your tours and experiences to different (or more) language-speaking travellers is easier than you think; and it won’t slow you down.🐢 Now you can select which languages you want to present an itinerary in from Admin. Give Admin access to the consultants you wish to empower with the new Language Selection functionality.

Here’s some help.

Under Options, they can select by ticking the box beside the relevant language(s). Add your translations for the Supplier and Destination info (we provide the itinerary framework translations). Once the content part is complete, your consultants can easily access the language they need in the Itinerary Details stage of the Itinerary Builder, and voilà! Your itinerary content is translated and you score major brownie points with your client by offering them an itinerary in their own language.🍪 Contact support@wetu.com for more guidance.

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