Pre-build and repurpose your popular tour routes and excursions to push quotes out faster and get more sales.

Imagine how efficient it would be to package your best recommendations for a destination once, then sell it in multiple proposals… That’s what you can do with components in Wetu. Simple to build and insert into new proposals, they add great value to the sale and make life easier for you.

Less hassle, more value

Components enhance your base offering and help you get quotes out faster. Here’s when to use them: 

  • Instead of the vague suggestion to ‘Spend the day at leisure’, structure your client’s time in-destination and add more value to the experience.
  • No need to recreate every detail for each quote when a selection of activities, attractions and recommended restaurants proves so popular that you frequently sell it. Simply curate the experience once and use it repeatedly.
  • Consultants returning from familiarisation trips, equipped with new product knowledge, can share their learnings on how to sell the destination better.
  • The process of building routes for complex excursions can be painstaking and time-consuming to repeat. Pre-build routes for a day’s activities, cruises, trains and mobile accommodation, and repurpose them as needed.
  • In the event that clients don’t know much about the destination they’re interested in, share your expert recommendations and potentially upgrade their experience.

Using components

Components can comprise a single day’s worth of recommended activities, restaurants and attractions, or also include overnight stays:

  • Create a One Day component in your Itinerary Builder, adding notes, expert tips, inclusions and exclusions.
  • Create a Multiple Day component with accommodation, routing and daily notes.
  • Name, tag and label your components, and select a language, so that you can easily filter and find what you need for new quotes.
  • Navigate to your Itinerary Builder Planner step to select a Day component using the orange Add Component button.
  • Navigate to your Itinerary Builder Accommodation step to select a Multiple Day component using the blue Add Component button. Use as is, reverse it or remove segments. Transfer them to teammates on the same account or post them to partners on another Wetu account, and save them time and effort too.
  • Build the component routing to structure the stops en-route. Here’s how:


Log in to your Dashboard and get your popular recommendations ready for future quotes.

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