The last thing you want is to lose hours of work because it wasn’t saved properly! πŸ—

  • When you start a new itinerary, name it, then add some accommodation in Step 2. Quick Save and return to Step 1 to add more detail.
  • Moving between Steps, the Itinerary Builder automatically saves what you’ve just done.
  • If you spend longer than 10 minutes on any Step, do aΒ Quick Save while you work.
  • Quick Save each time you add transport mode detail in the Route Builder Step.
  • Each time you move between Day/s segments in the Planner Step, do aΒ Quick Save.
  • In the Additional Details Step, the Itinerary Builder automatically saves when you click Preview Itinerary or Printable Itinerary.
  • As you work in Step 6, it’s important to Quick Save after adding info/documentation or Trip Summary detail before you copy the Client Link.

If your work is being interrupted and you’ll only complete it later,Β Save & ExitΒ to secure what you’ve done. And after each edit on a completed itinerary, save! Contact if you need saving.πŸ†˜

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