Exciting developments have been stirring over at Wetu. We’ve taken your feedback, put our heads together and come up with a few ways to make your working life easier. A couple of new features here, a couple of changes there… it’s all kinds of awesome! Wetu is pleased to announce the following:

Company Documentation

  • You can now store and manage your company documentation in Wetu, such as Company Overview, Terms & Conditions, Booking Form, etc. Upload and save your company details; this information will then show in various places (find out more here).

Supplier Update Form

  • When Operators search for a property in Wetu, the more complete your Supplier Update Form, the greater the chances of your property being found. There is tremendous value in having these details added, managed and updated. Everybody wins!
  • Additional Fast Facts & Facilities – there are some new items to add and/or check.
  • Categories in Documentation – categorise your documentation for easy access.
  • Specials – these now live separately under the new Specials Manager in Wetu. Click on the Specials button on your Dashboard to load your specials into Wetu. More about the new Specials feature later 🙂

We know you’re going to love these new features. Keep an eye out for our tips in the coming weeks or feel free to contact us now on support@wetu.com.