We’re so proud to announce the release of the Theme Customiser, partly because many of you have been asking for it for some time. It’s also super rewarding to see our long hours of detailed development work coming to fruition in this new functionality. The Theme Customiser effectively replaces the previous Theme settings and interface with a Live Preview tool. It encapsulates Template Customisation and Standardisation, live as of today:🎊

  • Layout changes 8 new landing page layout options; 5 new landing page proceed text preset options; a new call to action button preset option; 2 new logo options; 3 new social media icon styling options; 2 new general icon styling options; a new itinerary name location option; 3 new trip summary options; a new overview images option; a new destination layout option; a new price & terms option; 2 new daily information options
  • Styling changes Brand new section! Change the look and feel of your itinerary heading and body font; primary, secondary and accent colours; icon and navigation bar colours; background colour or image; landing page overlay colour; footer, hyperlink and border colours; call to action button colours
  • Enhancements Logos can have transparent background to an uploaded .png file; Reservation and Reference numbers will now show; renamed ‘Extras’ and ‘Details’ on the Navigation Above and Below DI layouts; Dates now show on the VI; ‘Back to Top’ button added on Navigation Above and Below DI layouts; ‘Home’ button added on all DI and VI layouts; Activity, Day Tour and Meet & Greet times now show; ‘Per Person’ option added to Scheduled Departures on Sample Itinerary, iBrochure and Day Tour; Co-branding added to the Footer

We’ve simplified how new templates and stylings are created consistently across all itinerary outputs. The Digital Enterprise package features access to both Template Settings and Stylings functionalities, while Digital Lite users have access to Template Settings only – view this doc for an overview. Click on the links for more detail on Template Settings, the Basics of Template Stylings, and Advanced Template Styles. Check out our Theme Customiser Boot Camps for some training.🏋🏿As always, we welcome your feedback; so feel free to direct comments and questions to support@wetu.com.

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