The new year is no longer new and Wetu is already off on a healthy, progressive trot.🏇🏽 We’ve made improvements to the Itinerary Builder to bring you more efficiency and convenience. The keyword is ‘simplify’ – it’s what we do with tech for you:

  • Directions in the Printable Itinerary Where you included Directions in printable itineraries, the step-by-step directions are now accompanied by total kilometers and duration.
  • Adjustment of Builder Browser Columns Expand (then collapse) the Itinerary Name and Reference column in the Builder Browser for a clearer view of the full reference or name.
  • Alphabetical sorting of Tags and Labels When you add a tag or label in Admin, it will automatically sort in alphabetical order both in Admin and the Itinerary Builder. NB: we advise that you avoid re-naming existing tags or labels as it will result in all itineraries previously flagged with the old tag/label being removed from the group. They will have to be found for you to re-apply the new tag/label.
  • Template Layout change When you previously used the template layout option ‘Trip Information Mode Left Tab’, the images displayed were randomly selected. As this was not always ideal, we’ve changed it so that images are now selected in sequence.
  • Update to Text Fields in the Itinerary Builder After the new Itinerary Builder was released, some annoying issues and errors popped up in the text fields. All the text fields have now been completely overhauled – Price, Day Notes, Introduction, etc. with the changes addressing spacing, bold, underline and italics issues. We’ve also added the support of bullet points, ordered lists and indented text.

As usual, we invite you to give us your feedback and constructive criticism on It helps keep us honest and keeps us innovating, and that’s our sweet spot! Thanks and enjoy🍬

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