Our machines have been churning at full throttle and our brain juice pumping non-stop to bring you these new developments. There’s some awesome value for you to share with your clients and the rest is all for you, with love from Wetu. 🙂

  • iOS TravelKey You’ve seen what TravelKey does for Android and we thank you for your patience. The iOS version has arrived! Sandy Lee from our Dev team has slaved tirelessly to bring it to life. Users can visit the iTunes App Store to download and install. Here’s a doc to guide you.
  • Embed Widget The new look widget we promised you is here. Now available for Mobile Accommodation, Activities, Restaurants, as well as Accommodation, it features 4 tabs with interactive, embedded content, including imagery, description, room types, and additional info. The widget has been automatically updated on all websites and within the new Itinerary Builder content preview feature.

Your new Itinerary Builder has had some new features added or tweaked as follows:

  • Adding Documents to an Itinerary from Admin Where you could previously only upload and store your documents in Admin, you can now include them in itineraries from your Company Documents tab. Here’s how.
  • Adding a Cover Document You can now upload a specific (generally printable) document to include on the front page of your Digital Itinerary. Here’s what happens when you add a cover doc.
  • Hiding Country Info In instances where you prefer the default Country Information loaded by Wetu not to show on itineraries, you now have the option of omitting it. Replace the text with a word of <10 characters – the system will ignore that section and exclude it from itineraries. This doc shows you how.
  • Emailing an Itinerary out of Wetu You can now send a preview email to your clients straight out of Wetu. Here’s how to do it. This is in the first phase of development and is not yet customisable.

Last but not least, there’s the fabulous new updated Content Central. Now giving you access to content in all 4 of our supported regions worldwide.

  • Content Central Enjoy free access here to all the iBrochures you need across a larger portion of the world, where we previously hosted only African supplier content. Missing any of your preferred Suppliers from those lists? Invite them to put it in Wetu and keep their content fresh.

Feel free to contact us on support@wetu.com for help and to give us your feedback. Enjoy!👯

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