Our machines have been churning at full throttle and our brain juice pumping non-stop to bring you these new developments. It’s all about the Content and making yours work better for you, with love from Wetu. 🙂

  • Embed Widget Now available for Mobile Accommodation, Activities, Restaurants, as well as Accommodation. The widget now features 4 tabs with interactive, embedded content, including imagery, description, room types, and additional info. Widgets embedded in websites and Facebook have been automatically updated.
  • Content Central Now featuring Supplier content for all 4 regions supported in Wetu! The international travel trade will be looking for you here – it’s a great new development you can leverage for global brand exposure. Content Central provides the trade with free access to content and our last count of 200,000 visitors continues to grow. We encourage you to load up your documents, update your specials, and keep your content fresh.

Where operators and travel agents building itineraries in Wetu have used your product, your widget has also been updated within their Itinerary Builder tool. Lots more of your content goodness shared around, making your brand even more attractive to be used and sold by the trade. Contact us on support@wetu.com for assistance and to give us your feedback. Enjoy!👯

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