Our much anticipated upgrade of the Itinerary App has finally arrived – ready for you to test and marvel at! Designed to help take your customer service to the next level and named with respect to your chosen branding, we present: TravelKey

To better service tech savvy clients on their mobile devices, here’s what’s new:

  • Your client can access Weather as well as Trip Summary, Overview, Destinations, Country info, Directions, Documents, Contacts, if these were all built into their itinerary.
  • Client info captured upon signing in is used to personalise the experience with Push Notifications (and coming soon, Instant Chat Messaging).
  • Text-based content downloaded onto the app while online can also be viewed offline.
  • Your client can select to view their itinerary in another language.
  • This new version is currently available on Android devices only, hosted in-store under cellphone apps for both cellular/mobile phones and tablets.

You can download it here to take a look. We’ve prepared this document on how to use the Android App for you to give to your clients. Please note that this update will be made available to iPhone users in the coming months – they can continue to use the original Wetu Itinerary App until then. (*This functionality is available with the Enterprise package.) 

Check out TravelKey and contact us on support@wetu.com to tell us what you think. Here’s a helpful guide for you to preview. We’ll let you know when to expect a webinar on this exciting new development.

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