It’s up, up and away with 2 crispy product tweaks and a new language for itinerary translations! Welcome to your 1st new release note of the year (plenty more to come😉).

  • Custom Last Day Heading Good news if the standard ‘End of Itinerary’ description on the last day feels a bit brutal to you. Or there are activities planned for the end of your client itinerary. Now you can choose what displays in that part of the itinerary – here’s how. Applicable to Personal and Sample Itineraries, Multi-day Components and Multi-Day Tours, it affects Digital Itinerary, Virtual Itinerary, and their mobile-responsive outputs.
  • Active URLs You can now add active URLs to itineraries that clients can click on to directly access content hosted elsewhere. They’ll be visible in Digital and Virtual itineraries, mobile and printable outputs, and can be added in a number of places in the Itinerary Builder and your Dashboard Admin. Check out this guide. Any re-branded, posted or transferred itineraries will retain their active URLs.
  • Polish Machine Translations Now you can market to Polish-speaking travellers with a hearty: Jak się masz? Joining German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish, the Polish language becomes our 10th language for itinerary translations. Here’s a reminder of how the functionality works.

And just like that, your already generous toolkit offers you even more room to manoeuvre. Take a moment to see how these new features can work for you, then contact us on to share some of your wisdom.🦉

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