We’ve saved some awesome goodies for the last new release of the year. Excited to open it up and enjoy?💌Think trains, docs and languages..

  • Automatic Train Route Builder Now you can build custom train routes where a Google route exists between 2 points by using the new Google Routing Button in your Itinerary Builder. It solves the time-consuming frustration of the old, manual process as routes are drawn automatically on the Route Builder map. Track the new process here.
  • Documents displayed in itineraries Make them easier for travellers to locate on their itineraries as you determine where your docs display: under Fast Facts on a Virtual Itinerary; as a standalone page or on the Trip Info page under the Overview of a classic Digital Itinerary – make the choice on your Themes tab in Admin, where a new Documents setting has been added to Template Settings (above Price & Terms).
  • Danish Machine Translations We proudly welcome Danish to our Machine Translations family! Market your goods in 10 different languages with your default English itineraries translated into Danish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish, Italian, Dutch, French, Spanish and German. Check out this doc. Now: Sælg flere ture!

Out with the old and in with some new additions to your toolkit. Please give us your honest opinion on how you like it, how it works for you, or not! Contact support@wetu.com with any comments or questions.🆘

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