A nifty little functionality has been created in the Wetu Dev factory: Custom Favicon🆕 This little icon associated with a website, is usually displayed in the address bar of a browser next to the site name.

  • Add your own favicon to display in Digital Itinerary, Virtual Itinerary, mobile responsive, iBrochure, Digital Catalogue and Rack address bars.
  • This functionality requires your Custom Domains to be properly set up first: follow these DNS Solutions guidelines
  • Once set up, the custom favicon option becomes available in the Option tab under Admin – upload and save!
  • Previewing an itinerary via Agent Access will still show the custom favicon.
  • The favicon will not be visible for any form of re-branding.

We’re looking forward to seeing your custom favicons on display! Drop us a hoot on support@wetu.com and tell us if you like it or have a suggestion. We love your feedback..🦉

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