We gave you a friendly heads-up about this a few weeks back and after putting on the final touches, we’re happy to present these new Route Builder developments in your Itinerary Builder:

  • Flight Lookup To save you time and effort, and minimise error, this feature automatically populates certain fields in your Route Builder, related to flight details: departure airport and time; arrival airport and time; telephone. This will depend on the availability of airline, flight number and dates in the Personal Itinerary. More info here.
  • Add Leg You can now add new routes more easily, without having to re-shuffle a leg.🛩

We always want to know what you think; so please send your feedback to support@wetu.com. On 10 April 2019 we’re hosting a #WebinarWednesday to fly you through the new features – feel free to register here to join us.

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