We’re excited to announce that we’ve given our Supplier iBrochures a makeover!πŸŽ‰ This affects you too; so here’s what you need to know.

What’s changedΒ It has a new layout and look, is easier to navigate, standardised for consistency in quality, and is now fully mobile responsive.Β Feast your eyes on this iBrochure.Β All existing information remains intact as it’s automatically flipped over to the new version without any loss.

Point to note on languages Your custom descriptions always take precedence over Supplier descriptions. But if you have none for an iBrochure that you want to use in multilingual presentations (and the Supplier hasn’t done any translations), use your Machine Translations:

  • activate MT in Admin under Options
  • tick the languages you want enabled for translation
  • rebrand the iBrochure you want to use in itineraries or embed on your website

Here’s how it works. We trust you’ll find the new iBrochure look and feel will display even better in your itineraries. Check out the iBrochures of some of your preferred suppliers and explore the changes.🌈Let us know what you think on support@wetu.com.

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