Keeping track of all your upcoming trips can be hard to do without a proper process in place. When several trips happen at the same time, starting and ending at different times, you need a central place with an easy overview of all your own and company-wide bookings. We have whipped up a user-friendly system for you to put some operational efficiency into your work life!

Introducing the new Wetu Calendar:🗓

  • Get an overview of all personal itineraries in your company in a calendar view.
  • Manage the time-sensitive functions around all your confirmed itineraries.
  • Create, edit and view scheduled reminders relating to specific tasks and deadlines.
  • Reminders sent by email before and after travel to keep track of booking progress.

This document explains it in detail. We’re excited about working with you to develop this new operational tool. 🗣Please send your feedback to and let us know how you like it.

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