The machine is coming for your content and it commands the languages of many! We’re excited to announce the arrival of Machine Translations.🤖

  • What it is We’ve implemented this technology, which generates translations of our English language content through Artificial Intelligence (AI), in order to service the growing need for travel content in multiple languages among our users and their multilingual clients. Machine translation may lack the finesse of human translation especially with idiomatic or descriptive language but we’re confident in the progress that AI has made and continues to make.
  • What it does Through an API, English descriptions loaded into Wetu are automatically picked up and handed over for translation, starting with all base content in Wetu, followed by hybrid and custom Operator content. With each description change, the translations will run again and update accordingly, and remains available in Admin for Operators to manage and edit. Your existing custom or hybrid content translations will take precedence over the machine translations.
  • Which languages We’re doing a test run with Spanish and German for the next month, during which time we’ll address any bugs that surface. You’ll be notified of which languages are to follow and when they’ll be added.
  • How much Machine Translations are available now at no additional charge to all our clients.

Get more info here. The tiresome process of setting up and maintaining content in your clients’ preferred languages, is nearing resolution.. and soon those other language markets you previously couldn’t access because your proposals are only in English, will open up to you.🚪Forward your comments and queries to – we’re dying to know what you think.

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