When tech works well, it can change your life! No one knows that better than we do. Our latest release entails a bit of necessary, albeit not-so-glam, grafting towards full HTTPs status. Following our GDPR compliance efforts, we’ve checked all links in our system, ensured nothing is broken, and acquired our secure certificate.🔒

  • All Wetu urls have been changed to https
  • Changes are system wide
  • 360° images in http format will be wiped (Suppliers are kindly requested to check on their VT links)
  • We will maintain a secure domain going forward
  • Custom domains may be affected if they weren’t set up as per our previous instructions
  • Wetu will issue secure certificates on your behalf if your custom domain has been set up

Now that we have our url ducks in a row, we can all get on with the business of selling travel better.🚦 Feel free to contact us on support@wetu.com if you’re confused about anything or want to give us some feedback.

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